Workplace Forklift Training

Workplace Forklift Training: Commerce, CA – If your company includes forklift operations as part of its company's operations, then you probably know that it’s no cheap task. First, you have the cost of the forklifts themselves. Whereas a standard capacity forklift can run your company between $15,000 and $25,000, one at a capacity of 35,000…

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Online Forklift Training

Online Forklift Training: Commerce, CA –If you’re considering obtaining your forklift certification, you may have come across hands-on forklift training (as offered by American Forklift Training Centers, INC) and online forklift training. The question you may, or should be asking is, whether online forklift training is OSHA compliant? And simply stated, regardless of whether you're…

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Forklift Operator Job Growth

Forklift Operator Job Growth: Commerce, CA – Give the gift that keeps giving this holiday season, a gift filled with future opportunities. Give your special someone a certificate for forklift training and certification! With 2019 upon us and talks about automation, robots, and new OSHA rules in circulation, it’s fair to wonder what the new…

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Onsite Forklift Training Prevents Accidents & Damage

Onsite Forklift Training, Commerce – If you're an employer overseeing forklift operations as part of your business’s daily grind, then you probably are aware of the importance of ensuring the health and safety of your employees. Regardless of the size of your company, you most likely know that such a responsibility must not only be…

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Forklift Certification FAQs

Forklift Certification FAQs, Los Angeles – Inquiring minds want to know. You guys asked and we have answers to some of your most asked questions. 1) How do I become a certified forklift operator? The best way to become a certified forklift operator is take a hands-on course teaching you how to properly and safely…

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Forklift Certification and Job Openings

Forklift Certification – Our commitment to helping students and the community! American Forklift Certification is more than a typical forklift licensing school. We are committed to helping students and the community not only learn and obtain their forklift certification in safely and properly operating forklifts, but we want to help you find your next job.…

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Onsite Forklift Certification, Los Angeles

The Importance of Onsite Forklift Certification, Los Angeles, CA - If you’re in such industries as manufacturing, construction, transportation, or the like, you probably know how beneficial and valuable forklifts are for business operations. These powerful tools allow your business to move and store products and material efficiently, but only when done safely. Unfortunately, primarily…

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