Forklift Certification and Job Openings

Forklift Certification – Our commitment to helping students and the community! American Forklift Certification is more than a typical forklift licensing school. We are committed to helping students and the community not only learn and obtain their forklift certification in safely and properly operating forklifts, but we want to help you find your next job.…

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Onsite Forklift Certification, Los Angeles

The Importance of Onsite Forklift Certification, Los Angeles, CA - If you’re in such industries as manufacturing, construction, transportation, or the like, you probably know how beneficial and valuable forklifts are for business operations. These powerful tools allow your business to move and store products and material efficiently, but only when done safely. Unfortunately, primarily…

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Hiring Forklift Operators

Hiring Forklift Operators – We have exciting news for forklift operators looking for more money or those considering obtaining their forklift certification. Here in Los Angeles County, the number of employers and agencies hiring forklift operators is on the rise exponentially. In fact, we are constantly hearing from our hiring partners that they cannot fill…

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Saturday Forklift Training

Saturday Forklift Training - If you are looking for a forklift certification program offering Saturday forklift training, look no further. At American Forklift, located in Los Angeles county, we got you! We get it. Who wants to lose time and money during the week if they do not have to? Or as an employer, who…

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No One Size Fits All Los Angeles Forklift

Los Angeles Forklift – Generally speaking, there is no “one size fits all” forklift. Think about it, warehouses come in different sizes. Some have narrow aisles, requiring tight maneuvering. Others have deeper racks, requiring reach capabilities. Some spaces are outside, whereas others are inside. Accordingly, there are forklifts designed to maneuver around tighter spaces, handle…

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Los Angeles Forklift Certification

Los Angeles Forklift Certification – American author, Greg Anderson, describes the law of win-win as, “Let’s not do it your way or my way, let’s do it the best way.” We find this statement to be the foundation behind our Los Angeles Forklift Certification - onsite program, as we are about achieving win-win situations for…

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Los Angeles Forklift Training

Los Angeles Forklift Training – Keri Russell once said, “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever.” There’s so much truth to this simple statement. So many get stuck in a rut. Struggling to find work, working dead-end jobs, or just not earning enough to make ends meet to support themselves and…

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Amazon is hiring

Amazon has announced plans to open another fulfillment center in Southern California, creating an expected 1000 new full time positions. The company states that they will provide competitive wages to its associates. Furthermore, those working full-time are to receive a comprehensive benefit package that includes healthcare, a 401(K), and company stocks, all kicking in on…

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Forklift Certification – Do I need it?

A common question we hear a lot in the forklift industry is, “Do I need a forklift certificate?” And in one word, the answer is ‘Yes’! Whether you’re working for a small or large company, per OSHA requirements, you must have your forklift certification as well as authorization from your employer to operate a forklift.…

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